Heat Stroke In Dogs: What It Is And What To Do If It Happens To Your Pooh This Summer

8 May 2018
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As the warm weather (finally) approaches, you're dog will be doing a lot of running, playing and relaxing outdoors and this may leave him vulnerable to heat stroke. Heat stroke is a medical emergency that every dog owner needs to be aware of, just in case it strikes your dog. How Heat Stroke Happens In Dogs While your body cools itself off by sweating through pores, your dog doesn't have that luxury. Read More 

4 Ways To Make Paying Large Veterinary Bills More Manageable

22 March 2018
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You love your pet like family, so when your pet is sick or injured, of course you want to make sure he or she receives the best care possible at a local veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, veterinary care (especially urgent or emergency care) can also be quite expensive, and vet bills can add up quickly. If you're facing a large vet bill and unsure of how you'll be able to pay it, there are some options worth exploring that can help make paying off large vet bills more feasible on just about any budget. Read More 

4 Reasons You’ll Need Monitors In Your New Veterinary Practice

26 December 2017
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If you're getting ready to open your own veterinary practice, you're going to need a lot of specialized equipment. While you're ordering the equipment for your new practice, don't forget about the patient monitors. You might think that patient monitors would be primarily for human patients. However, specialized monitors work for animal patients, as well. Here are four benefits that veterinary patient monitors will bring to your practice. Monitor Vitals After Surgery Read More 

Time For The Holidays: How To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

24 November 2017
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Tis the season for merriment and gift-giving. If you have a furry canine companion in your family, it's time to make plans for them, as well. You might not realize this, but your dog needs love and attention during the holidays too. Here are some simple tips that will help you keep your dogs happy during the holidays. Include Them in the Gift-Giving During the holidays, dogs can start acting like one of the kids. Read More 

Is Your Kitty Slowed Down by Arthritis? 4 Steps to Reduce the Pain

1 November 2017
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It can be tough to tell when your cat is in pain. That's because cat's spend most of their time lounging around, anyway. That's why it can be a shock when you find out that your cat has arthritis. Once the vet diagnoses your cat with arthritis, you'll need to make some changes. Your cat is going to need your help if it's going to avoid the pain and inflammation associated with feline arthritis. Read More